Wellness Week  February 25 - March 4, 2019

Wellness Week is designed to help BYU students improve their personal well-being by learning about the six dimensions of wellness. Students will be able to explore campus resources and programs during the week and collect prizes. Everyone who completes the whole "Wellopoly" game board will be entered to win a $500 Grand Prize*.

Wellness Week Wellopoly Gameboards can be picked up from any participating office or department. You can also pick one up from the 112 RB Information Desk.


  • 1 participant per gameboard.
  • Some events will require an official stamp, others you can check off on your own and be on your honor.
  • For all of the events where you have to visit an office or participate in an event on campus you MUST receive a stamp on that square.
  • You can complete the events in any order, but you must receive the prizes in order. 
  • Upon completion of each section, present your gameboard to RB 112 to receive prizes. All prizes must be claied by Friday March 8th. 






Stop by the Intramural Office and vote for the best champions shirt. (RB 145 ) Bring your gameboard, STAMP REQUIRED. 


Vist BYUSA Student Leadrship office. (WSC 3400) Bring your gameboard, STAMP REQUIRED.


Bring a friend to devotional. This week will be a forum by Dr. Kay Jamison. Check off on your own. 


Go see something cool at the Museum of Art.  Visit the link to see current exhibits and shows. Check off on your own. 


Did you know Women’s Services & Resources aims to facilitate the personal, academic, and spiritual success of ALL BYU students, both women and men. Stop by to learn more about their programs. (WSC 3326) Bring your gameboard, STAMP REQUIRED.


Explore your career options at the  Career Studio. (WSC 2590) Bring your gameboard, STAMP REQUIRED.


You did it! Come by 112 RB to pick up your prize; a Student Wellness waterbottle.



Y Fitness provides drop-in aerobics and fitness classes. Present you gameboard at any class during wellness week to attend for free. See the schedule here.  Bring your gameboard, STAMP REQUIRED.


Every Tuesday night is BYUSA Clubs night. Attend this week and find some new friends. There will be a booth in the WSC Terrace stamping gameboards for those who attend. Bring your gameboard, STAMP REQUIRED. 


Did you know there's singing in the library? Go to the Hymn Sing 6:00pm Wednesday Feb 27th in 4420 HBLL. Check off on your own. 


PIck one of the following Enrollment Services workshops to sign-up for and attend. 

Marital Status Change: Tues 1:30-2:00pm or Thurs 11:30-12:00pm

Missionary Deferment:Tues 1:00-1:30pm or Thurs 11:00-11:00am

Bring your gameboard, STAMP REQUIRED. 


Attend a free Yoga class Saturday March 2nd, 9am in 3380 WSC. Hosted by Women's Services and Resources. Bring your gameboard, STAMP REQUIRED. 


Attend the Summer Job Fair. Thursday Feb 28th in the WSC 10:00 am - 2:00pm. There will also be a FREE soda bar! Check off on your own. 


WOW, you're really doing this! Come by the 112 RB information desk to get a free drawstring bag and sunglasses. Keep it up!



Register online for the Lazy Ironman. You will then have 1 month to complete the challenge. Registration closes March 2nd, and will be verified. Check off on your own. 


Follow Student Wellness on Instagram @byustudentwellness. Facebook @byustudentwellness works too! Check off on your own. 


It's that time again, renew your ecclesiastical endorsement. Go online and start the process here.  Check off on your own. 


When was the last time you updated your resume? Pull it out again and make some updates. If you need help you can always visit Career Studio (WSC 2590) too. Check off on your own. 


YOU DID IT! Hope you had fun and learned some new things about the resources on campus for your wellness. Collect your t-shirt and a coupon for a free rental from Outdoors Unlimited. 



*(One winner will receive grand prize of $500 which will be deposited into their BYU account by May 1st, 2019. Winner must be current BYU student registered for at least 0.5 credits during the winter 2019 semester. Winner will be randomly selected and verified,  before being notified by March 15th, 2019)