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TEST SCHEDULE FOR Summer 2018 ACTIVITY CLASSES: July 3 – July 13, STAC 125, STAC 191. July 3 – Aug 10, All Other STAC Classes. Tests taken Aug 10th will be charged a $5 late fee. Tests can be retaken with a $5 fee. Allow 24 hours to retake.

Course Course Outlines Notes or Packet Other
General Course Information
StAc 101R Rock Climbing
StAc 104
Dance Aerobics Study Guide
StAc 106
Badminton 106 Badminton Course Notes
StAc 107
Pilates Pilates Class Notes
StAc 108 Sec. 1-5
Zumba Zumba Study Guide Health Assessment
StAc 108 Sec. 6-7
Strong by Zumba
StAc 109 CANNON CENTER sections
Yoga Course Outline: Cannon Center Yoga Study Guide
StAc 109 HERITAGE HALLS sections
Yoga Course Outline: Heritage Halls Yoga Study Guide
StAc 109 OTHER sections
Yoga Course Outline: All Other Locations Yoga Study Guide
StAc 110
Indoor Cycling Indoor Cycling Notes
StAc 111
Beg Basketball 111 Beg Basketball Course Notes
StAc 112
Int Basketball 112 Int Basketball Course Notes
StAc 116
Beg. Bowling 116 Bowling Course Notes
StAc 117
Int. Bowling
StAc 121
Beg Diving
StAc 125
Functional Fitness Course Notes Study Guide
StAc 131
Beg. Golf Practice Quiz sec. 2
StAc 132
Int. Golf
StAc 136
Beg Gymnastics Class Notes
StAc 139
Jogging Notes
StAc 141
Martial Arts
StAc 143R
StAc 146
Beg. Racquetball 146-147 Course Packet
StAc 147
Int. Racquetball 146-147 Course Packet
StAc 150
Beg. Skating 150-153_notes 150-153_Waiver
StAc 151
Beg. Hockey 150-153_notes 150-153_Waiver
StAc 152
Int. Skating 150-153_notes 150-153_Waiver
StAc 153
Int. Hockey 150-153_notes 150-153_Waiver
StAc 155
Self Defense
StAc 155-4 RAD
Course Outline Important Note
StAc 156
Beg. Soccer 156-157 notes
StAc 157
Int. Soccer 156-157 notes
StAc 161
Beg. Ski/Snowboarding Ski Review Snowboard Review
StAc 162
Int. Ski/Snowboarding Ski Review Snowboard Review
StAc 164
Cross Country Ski Cross Country Ski Review
StAc 170
StAc 171
Beg. Swimming
StAc 172
Int. Swimming
StAc 175
Beg. SCUBA Diving Medical Form
StAc 176
Int. SCUBA Diving Medical Form
StAc 179
Water Aerobics
StAc 181
Beg Tennis 181 Course Notes
StAc 182
Int. Tennis 182 Course Notes
StAc 183
Adv Tennis
StAc 186
Beg. Volleyball 186 Packet - Beginning Volleyball
StAc 187
Int. Volleyball 187 Packet - Intermediate Volleyball
StAc 191
Beg. Weight Training Final Study Guide Video Instructions
StAc 585
Pedagogical Techniques