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Nathan Ormsby


Jamal Willis

Assistant Director

Holly Madsen

Operations Manager

Jessi Burns

Wellness Coordinator
Wellness Programs, Wellness Coaches, YFitness

Rebecca Francis

Office Manager

Christian Abbott

Intramural Sports Coordinator
Intramural Activities

Phil Kelly

Intramural Sports Manager
Intramural Activities

Emily Andrews

SWELL Course & Extramural Sports Coordinator
SWELL Courses, Extramural Sports

Morris Havea

Extramural Sports Manager
Extramural Sports, Locker Rooms, Building Access

Cassidy Hadden

Aquatics Manager

Gardner Kearsley

Outdoors Unlimited Manager
Outdoor Equipment and Programs
Wellness Definition

To have every student live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Student Wellness and Facilities Services promotes life-long behaviors that lead to a healthier and happier life. We enhance the BYU experience by providing facilities, programs and services that inspire and assist individuals in becoming their best selves.

Wellness is the active pursuit of your best self.


Our work is shaped by values organized within five foci; Inspired, Inclusive, Individual, Intentional, and Innovative. These “5I’s” form the approach to our work and department goals.


  • We strive to fulfill the BYU mission, aims and goals.
  • We are a unified team of experts that model wellness behaviors.


  • Wellness is holistic and comprised of six dimensions. (Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, Intellectual and Social)
  • We are a partner that collaborates across campus to serve students.
  • Diverse experiences and perspectives are necessary to discover and develop wellness.


  • Student health and wellness directly impacts academic and personal success.
  • Each individual has their own path to wellness.
  • Wellness contributes to a sense of belonging at BYU.


  • Wellness requires purposeful effort and support.
  • Our department develops students through frequent interactions and meaningful employment.
  • Research and assessment guide our services and practice.


  • We plan for the future with vision, inspiration and innovation.
  • We provide safe, modern equipment, facilities, programs and services.


Student Wellness and Facilities Services enhances the student experience through six operational areas: Facilities Services, Intramural Activities, Wellness Programs, Extramural Sports, Outdoors Unlimited, and SWELL Courses. Each serves a purpose in fulfilling the vision “to have all students live a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Facility Services
Facility Services assists university programs and activities by providing building coordination, supervision, equipment maintenance, and safety services.

Intramural Activities
Intramural Activities provides a variety of activities selected on the basis of their contribution to the development of the whole individual; physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The Intramural Office strives to provide programming for all levels of ability and experience. They aim to serve the recreational sport needs of the Brigham Young University community.

Wellness Programs
Wellness Programs provide opportunities for students to pursue their best selves and build a culture of wellness on campus. Student Wellness Programs support programming, events, partnerships, and resources in six wellness dimensions (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Financial). Many of these are facilitated by, or in collaboration with, other departments.

Extramural Sports
Extramural Sports strengthen student-athletes intellectual, spiritual, and physical development by facilitating competition and campus connections that empower them to be proactive leaders.

Outdoors Unlimited
The purpose of Outdoors Unlimited is to provide BYU students with opportunities and experiences to use quality outdoor equipment that aids them in creating lifelong habits of wholesome recreation.

SWELL Courses
SWELL Courses are introductory level activity classes that teach students skill and lifelong behaviors to promote lasting health and wellness.