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How do I reserve facilities?

You can reserve any of the facilities by calling the Information Desk at the Richard’s Building at 801-422-3644. You can also visit the Information Desk in the Richard’s Building (RB 112) from 8:00AM-9:30 PM, Monday-Saturday.

What are Guest Passes? Why would I need one?

All those who use the facilities in the Richard’s Building or Smith Fieldhouse are required to wear a wristband provided to them at the Information Desk at the Richard’s Building (RB 112). These wristbands are free to all BYU students and faculty members. Guest passes are not available at this time due to recent events.

What is the dress code for using the facilities?

The dress code policy is in place to create a comfortable exercise environment that is in line with BYU’s Honor Code. The dress code is as follows…

Tops MUST cover shoulders, stomach, and back. Shorts MUST come to mid-thigh or below, no exceptions. No cut-off shirts, jeans, boots, or open-toed shoes. Exercise leggings are permitted.

If facilities’ staff notice any violation of the dress code, they will ask you to change or leave the facility.
BYU athletes are permitted to wear team-issued gear for team practices and workouts.

What is considered proper use of the facilities?

The university offers the use of the Smith Field House and Richards Building facilities to BYU students, employees, and dependents who have a current BYU identification card and activity privileges. Activity facilities and services are intended to provide personal fitness and recreational opportunities for BYU students and eligible BYU employees and not necessarily for those outside the BYU community. Space and access privileges should not be used for scheduling private lessons or hosting of practices or competitions for outside organizations, teams, or individuals.