Student Wellness (SWELL) offers a comprehensive list of enjoyable, health-promoting classes including a wide variety of
team, individual, and recreational sports. These classes provide an excellent opportunity for you to start an exercise program, learn a new sport, gain self-confidence, build life-long skills, and have fun!

GRADING: All SWELL classes are graded on PASS/FAIL. Students must meet the following criteria to pass.
1. Attendance: no more than five (5) hours absent. Some class periods are more than one (1) hour in length.
2. Written Exam: must score a 75% or better.
NOTE: Students who do not meet these criteria will receive a failing (E) grade which will impact their GPA.

ATTENDANCE: Since participation is the primary component of an activity class, attendance is mandatory.
Students must attend and participate in 80% of all class sessions to pass the course. There
are no excused absences for university business.

WRITTEN EXAM: Each class will be given a written examination that must be taken in the Testing Center:
1. If a student scores below 75%, the test may be retaken for a $5.00 fee.
2. A 24-hour period is required between retakes.
3. If you fail a test on the last day offered, you cannot retake the test.
4. A $5.00 late fee will be charged on the last day of the exam.

INHERENT RISK: By enrolling in a SWELL class, I acknowledge and agree to assume the inherent risks of the
activities associated with the class as described in the course outline.

INJURY: Any injury occurring during scheduled class time must be immediately reported to your instructor.

AUDITING: Department policy does not permit the auditing of any SWELL class.

NOTE: Starting Fall 2019, Student Wellness is renaming its course titles to more effectively indicate their wellness purpose. Student Activity Courses (STAC) will change to Student Wellness Courses (SWELL) and directly connect the courses purpose to the Student Wellness department. STAC courses will remain to be offered as limited enrollment courses for unique student groups (i.e. intercollegiate athletes, extramural club teams, ROTC, and STAC instructors).

Test Schedule for FALL 2019 Activity Classes:
SWELL 125 & 191: Sept 11 - Oct 1: Late day ($5) = Oct 2nd
1st Block SWELL classes: Sept 11 - Oct 19th, Late day ($5) = Oct 21st
2nd Block SWELL classes: Oct 31-Dec 10, Late day ($5) = Dec 11th
All other SWELL classes: Sept 11-Dec 10, Late day ($5) = Dec 11th
Tests can be retaken with a $5 fee. Allow 24 hours to retake. 

SWELL Catalog