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Wellness Coaches

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What Do We Do?

As Wellness Coaches, we will meet with you throughout the semester to establish an exercise routine tailored to your needs. We can help you in the following 5 areas: fitness training, nutritional coaching, healthy relationships, intuitive eating, and stress management. This is a free service from BYU students to BYU students.

Fitness Training

A student can meet with a coach up to 4 times in a semester. The purpose of this coaching series is to acclimate students to the equipment and resources in the BYU gym area. This is a basic and entry level type instruction series in which the coaches show students how to create a workout that is well rounded, how to create SMART goals, how to keep proper form when doing basic movements and helping students build their confidence when in a gym setting.


A client can meet with a coach up to 6 times in a semester. The purpose of this coaching series is to educate students on the basics of nutrition, including calories, food groups, navigating food labels, dispelling fad diet trends, macronutrients etc. For this coaching series, we help students create reasonable goals to being a balanced eater. This series is closely related to Intuitive Eating.

Social Strategies (Healthy Relationships)

A student can meet with a coach up to 4 times. The purpose of this coaching series is to help students discover the things they are already proficient at and create reasonable goals to strengthen their relationships with themselves, Family, Friends and others. Students will learn how to resolve conflicts and build others up all while building their own self confidence and self-worth.

Intuitive Eating

A student can meet with a coach up to 6 times. The purpose of this series is to help students make peace with food, free themselves of chronic dieting and rediscover the pleasures of eating mindfully.

Stress Management

A student can meet with a coach up to 6 times. The purpose of this series is to provide students with strategies, resources and options to combat stress.

Coach Elena

Hi, I’m Elena! I am majoring in Exercise and Wellness with a passion for holistic healthcare and using food as medicine. I am a second generation college student and take pride in my Mexican Ancestry! I believe everyone’s health needs are unique and I will do my best to curate a healthcare plan to meet your specific needs. I look forward to working with you!

Coach Katie

Hey everyone! My name is Katie and I am so excited to start working with you. I’m here to help you create healthy habits for your life and help you to feel more in control. I am currently a Zumba Instructor and finishing up my last semester of my Exercise and Wellness degree. I love to play pickleball, eat pizza, and get other people excited about their improvement. I’ll see you soon!

Coach Abigail

Hey, my name is Abigail! I am a junior in the Exercise and Wellness program. But let’s be real here: I’m just a girl going to college and trying to live a good life… probably a lot like you. Healthy living has been foundational for my success so far, and learning how to do it in a sustainable, meaningful, and enjoyable way has changed everything for me. My favorite ways to wellness are running, yoga, strength training, delicious (and nutritious) foods, music, and loads and loads of outdoor time. Health is wealth and I want to help you find your wellness in this busy, chaotic world. Can’t wait to meet you!

Coach Olivia

My name is Olivia (Liv)! I have one year left at BYU and will graduate in exercise & wellness. I am certified personal trainer & love all things health & wellness. Through my own health journey, I have found that moving my body & fueling it correctly are the biggest parts to feeling my best! My goal is to improve overall wellness so that anyone can improve their life!