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To put up an advertisement in the Richards Building or Smith Fieldhouse, follow the instructions below:

Advertising in the RB & SFH is only available for official BYU Organizations.

  • The instructions below apply to Student Wellness owned bulletin boards.


    • We no longer accept 8.5x11 flyers.
    • Please create an 11x17 version of your flyer or mount your 8.5x11 on an 11x17 poster board and follow the instructions below.


    • Flyers must be vertically formatted.
    • Deliver to the RB 112 Information desk (up to 5 copies).
    • Flyers will be stamped and posted in the RB & SFH on the Monday following delivery as space permits.
    • Flyers will be removed after two weeks.
    • Un-authorized flyers will be removed immediately.
    • Email if you have questions or would like to reserve flyer space in advance.

  • 31"x46"

    • 3 locations available (2 in RB, 1 in SFH)
    • Posters must be vertically formatted.
    • Posters will be put up on the Monday following delivery.
    • Posters will be removed after two weeks.
    • Un-authorized posters will be removed immediately.
    • Email to reserve a spot.

  • 24"x36"

    • 3 Poster Frame locations (2 in RB, 1 in SFH)
    • Posters must be vertically formatted with a foam core mount (1/4 inch).
    • Only for BYU events.
    • Posters go up one week prior to the event, beginning on Monday.
    • Email to reserve a poster frame.

Additional Policies:

Posting flyers on communal interior and exterior doors or walls is prohibited. Signage regarding building operations is the only exception and must be approved by the Facility Leadership Group.

Permanent signage must not obstruct hallway traffic. Standing or hanging signage, such as A-frames, easels, standing poster frames, and banners may be used for temporary marketing only (no more than 2 weeks at a time).

Televisions may display digital marketing as vetted by the department to whom the TV belongs.

Email with questions or special requests.