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Massage Chairs

Located in the Richards Building South Atrium


  1. Select time and price
    1. Press "Setup" to change
    2. Press "Enter" to select
      and pay
  2. Swipe, tap or insert credit card
    or tap BYU ID to pay
  3. Press the Power button to start
  4. Sit back and enjoy your

Hitting the Power button once the massage starts will initiate an emergency stop. There will be no refund if this happens.


No food nor drinks on chairs
Do not move chairs for any reason
Do not use if wet
Must be 16 years or older to use
Only for massage use
Only for use by one person at a time


$2 for 5 minutes
$5 for 12 minutes
$7 for 20
$10 for 30

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Notify the RB 112 information desk and give them your NetID if you have paid to use them.